About Home Enhancements

Our Success Story

Our Success Story

Home Enhancements, LLC began the summer of 2006 while I was getting a “cup of morning Joe” at Wawa. While pouring my cup of coffee, I ran into my neighbor who owned a construction company. He asked me what my summer plans were and I told him to find the “meaning of life”. He laughed and said he needed help over the summer framing houses and wondered if I would be interested. He told me I’d go home every day with a sense of self-worth and feeling of accomplishment because I would be building someone’s home improvement dreams. Since I had no job, I immediately said yes before he could change his mind.

The first day on the job I was given a pencil, a square, a ruler, a power saw, a power hammer and a set of blue prints. I was given a quick tutorial on how read to blueprints and operate power tools. At the end of the day, I was still in one piece and had framed two bedrooms. I went home truly feeling the sense of self-worth and accomplishment my neighbor talked about. That was the start of my involvement with construction. The following spring, I enrolled in Drexel’s program for Construction Management and graduated magma cum laude in 2011.

Our Philosophy

Home Enhancements, LLC philosophy, is to provide distinctive craftsmanship at a reasonable price. I guarantee customer satisfaction because I am personally involved in each phase of your home improvement project. I will review your needs, discuss design options, provide pricing that meets your budget and guarantee superior craftsmanship. My integrity is the core of my custom construction business, and I guarantee your complete satisfaction.

In just a few years, I was approached by Toll Brothers Construction who asked that my firm help assistant them on projects.  Also, I was also approached by a few South Jersey banks to help them with short sales reconstruction. However, my dream is to fulfill homeowners visions for their current home or a new home!

Our Supplier

At Home Enhancements, we are a vetted distributor of Wellborn cabinetry products. We chose them as one of our suppliers because their products are quality products cut from the trees on their land, are made in the United States and are known for their quality cabinetry and their commitment to their staff.

We select quality products for your home, only the best. Best doesn’t mean expensive. Our cabinetry comes from Wellborn.

Wellborn Cabinets

Since 1961, Wellborn’s kitchen and bath cabinetry has been proudly crafted in Ashland, Alabama and is known for its quality craftsmanship. The entire Wellborn family of employees takes great pride in producing quality cabinets. All of our kitchen and bath cabinets, including doors, drawers, and face frames are hand crafted in Alabama by dedicated Wellborn employees.

Wellborn is unique in that they use strict quality controls from the timber that arrives at the sawmill to the finished cabinet. This ensures the kitchen and bath cabinets you receive are the highest quality….and made in America. Literally, they grow their own trees and craft quality cabinets for you. My company and I represent quality craftsmanship, and we start from pencil to finish! No detail is too small or overlooked. We listen!

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What Our Clients Say?

I am very pleased with work done by Eddie and his crew and I would recommend Home Enhancements to anyone who wants a contractor who is knowledgeable, trustworthy and dedicated to ensuring the work is completed correctly.

Giny Corcorchran, Atco, New Jersey

We chose Home Enhancements because we felt confident that Ed was not only a solid craftsman, but that he was honest with us and would meet our expectations. We were not disappointed.

John and Chris of Woolich

Eddie took the time to carefully listen to our input and provided drawings that envisioned our vision of a sunroom. His attention to detail shows in his craftsmanship.

The Wilson Family