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We had several large archways in our home that needed something dramatic to flow with the rest of the house.  But we couldn’t visualize exactly what it was that would make that impact.

During our initial consultation, Eddie listened to our ideas and provided constructive feedback. He showed us samples of trim options, allowed us to choose what we liked best and once we made our decisions, wowed us with a fair and reasonable quote.

We chose Home Enhancements because we felt confident that Ed was not only a solid craftsman, but that he was honest with us and would meet our expectations. We were not disappointed. We are completely satisfied with work we had done and are already asking Eddie to begin another project for us!  We will continue to recommend Home Enhancements to our family and friends.

John and Chris of Woolich

Home Enhancements has built our dream sunroom by converting our previous screened porch into a room filled with sunshine and climate control. Eddie took the time to carefully listen to our input and provided drawings that mirrored our vision of a sunroom. His attention to detail showed in his craftsmanship. The unique design to the ceiling shows three different levels of height that gives the room a spacious feeling. Careful attention was given to the tile floor with its diagonal pattern and 3/8 inch grout lines instead of the ordinary rectangle layout with no grout lines. Recess lights on a dimmer switch give the room a soft and cozy feeling at night. We are so happy and proud with the work that Eddie has provided for us, that we have “adopted’ him as our third son.

The Wilson Family


I added a 300 sq. ft. addition to my house in 2007 and any time it would rain, my skylights would leak. The contractor would come out to repair the leak, but he could not find it even though he could see the water stains on the ceiling. I also complained to him about the cracks in the sheetrock seams. He would resurface the cracks with mud, but the walls would continue to crack.

Finally, I hired another roofer to fix the leak, and he said the first roof was not installed properly and had to be replaced. The shingles were stripped from the roof, and a new shingle roof was installed, but the skylights continued to leak. My level of frustration was taking its toll on me.

I heard about a young man in our church that had a degree from Drexel University in construction. First impressions are important to me, and the first time I met Eddie from Home Enhancements, I felt I could trust him because of his clean cut-appearance. However, what convinced me was his wealth of knowledge of the construction trade. I told him about the history of the addition, and he began to investigate the issue. He went onto the roof and determined that the slope of the roof called for a seamed roof instead of a single roof. He also determined that the leak was not the result of the skylights but the flashing around a second story window that was not installed properly some 30 years earlier. He proved his point when he ran water from a garden hose around the window and water would run out of the skylights like it was an open spigot. Eddie told me that water seeks the lowest point and that the original builder of the addition and the second roofer where not looking for the source of the leak but they just assumed the leak was from the skylights. Eddie also told me the reason for the cracking sheetrock was due to improper installation. The sheetrock was installed vertically with seams being continuous from top to bottom instead of horizontally with seams being staggered. Eddie also took the time to investigate the status of the building permits and found out from the township that the permits were never closed out because the inspections would fail but the contractor continued to do the work.

Eddie indicated that since the permits were still open, he recommended that the room be stripped down to the studs and fix everything that did not meet building code so that inspections could be done and the permits be closed out. I engaged in a contract with Home Enhancements to do all necessary repairs so that the building permits could be closed out. I am very pleased with work done by Eddie and his crew and I would recommend Home Enhancements to anyone who wants a contractor who is knowledgeable, trustworthy and dedicated to ensuring the work is completed correctly. Giny Corcorchran, Atco, New Jersey